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The NEW Reactor X2 has been redesigned to include our most requested feature, direct unregulated voltage to the cyclic servos while maintaining safe, regulated 5.2v power to the receiver, gyro, tail servo and other sensitive equipment.

As the unfailing heart of your helicopter. The Reactor X2 generates noticeable servo power, which provides consistency and agility for both 3D and F3C flight. Providing power to the servos and receiver on dual power bus voltage regulators, the Reactor X2 is one of the first of its kind to provide split power output and servo bus technology to the R/C heli market.

A lot is riding on the power system of any r/c heli, don't trust anything less than Reactor X2… the old saying is true - you get what you pay for.

New X2 Features

We’ve added what customers wanted to the popular, proven, and high quality ReactorX regulator.

  • Three selectable voltage settings of the CCPM servo bus (regulated 6.0V, regulated 6.4V, NEW unregulated 8.4V)
  • Supports over 15 Amps of continuous output for use with any servos on the market.

The preset CCPM voltages are: 6.0V regulated for all standard and digital servos. 6.8V regulated for high voltage type servos and brushless series servos. In addition the new X2 now allows full unregulated Li-Po voltage (8.4V at full charge) to pass directly to the servos for maximum voltage to HV type servos.

Reactor X2 allows pilots to use HV servos on any type of receiver that normally would not allow direct Li-Po power supply. Certain Futaba, JR and other receivers do not permit direct Li-Po input voltage but can now be used with Reactor X2 by passing high voltage directly to the CCPM servos and a safe 5.2V to the receiver.

Dual Power Bus, Dual Regulators

The original Reactor X was the first helicopter voltage regulator system to offer dual regulators with servo power bus connections. The challenge of any power system is to supply current to hard-working servos safely and with the lowest resistance possible. Single battery setups with undersize wires and connectors don’t cut it anymore. Reactor X and the NEW Reactor X2 solves the power supply issue.


CCPM Power Bus - Three heavy current users CCPM / Mech. Mix servos are connected to the dedicated power bus for direct, consistent regulated power straight from the battery pack. A flick of a switch sets this power bus to 6.0V or an ultra powerful 6.8V output or use the included jumper for unregulated 8.4V, Futaba BLS Brushless heli servo series will find the 6.8V setting just as fast as unregulated 7.4V setups, but more consistent feel flight to flight.

Receiver Power Bus - A dedicated noise-free linear regulator provides preset 5.2V power through three redundant leads to your receiver which provides over 5 Amps of current. This voltage is recommended to get the best out of every gyro and tail rotor servo. The steady power supply will eliminate any chance of receiver brown-outs. Signal output from the RX to the CCPM servo bus are carried through the included large gauge connection leads. The receiver is at safe voltage for any 4.8V rated equipment plugged in.








Reactor X2 Features and Specifications:

  • “Never-shut-down” circuitry ensures constant power delivery in any possible condition with system always reverting to power ON
  • Exclusive Voltage Bus selectable output setting, no setup required
  • Quick-charge cable, direct power to servos, redundant RX power, and fail-safe-on logic switch
  • Use on/off switch harness of any type, or power on with removable pin-switch jumper included
  • Triple redundant receiver power and direct current to CCPM Servo Bus
Input Voltage Supply 7.2-8.4V
Output 1
(CCPM/3Servo BUS)
6.0V, 6.8V or 8.4V (unregulated) selectable; 15A+
Output 2
(RX, Gyro, Tail Rotor)
5.2V; 5.0A
On/Off Failsafe Reactor failsafe to ON if switch failure
Compatibility JR, Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, etc.
Battery types supported Li-Poly, Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cad
Fast charge capable Included fast charge cable
Weight 56.5g
Batt/Charge connector Deans ultra plug style



Got Flybarless? Get Reactor X2

If you have a flybarless system, then you absolutely need a Reactor X2. No other regulator keeps sensitive flybarless systems safe like the Reactor X2.

Nothing could be simplier to hook up... just plug the the the Reactor X2 ports RX1, RX2 & RX3 ports into the flybarless sytems Aileron Servo Right, Aileron Servo Left and Elevator ports on the flybarless system, Everything else hooks up exactly the same,

By running a Reactor X2, only 5.2V of regulated power is transmitted to the flybarless system, protecting the electronics from dips and spikes as battery voltage changes in flight, So pick the Reactor X2, when you no longer have flybars.



Quality First

Reactor X2 is not your average “shrink-wrapped” voltage regulator. Enclosed in a custom case, this power system is protected better from the elements and harsh environments of R/C helicopters.With details such as built-in fast charge lead, horizontal connector headers for more compact wiring and preset voltages make this the most user friendly plug-and-play system.

The electronics are professionally designed to be noise free, RF interference free, and contain the highest quality components available. All Reactor X2’s are factory tested and backed by the best warranty in the business. We guarantee it.




  Efficient, thoroughly
tested heat sink
design easily
dissipates heat
in all conditions



Easy ON/OFF and Fast Charge

Setup with any switch harness, or use the included “pin” or jumper loop switch to turn off the Reactor X2. To turn on, simply pull the plug out of the extension lead and slide it over your TX antenna so it won’t get lost! The fast charge lead can be positioned for easy fast charge hookup, and voltage checking without pulling the canopy every time.






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