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T-REX 700 Nitro Pro Combo (Not Including Engine)



Product:(Not Including Engine)
Focus Shot1(High precision metal main rotor assembly) Focus Shot2(New sport flybar control set design) Focus Shot3(3K Carbon fiber flybar paddle and 3K Carbon fiber tail boom)
Focus Shot4(Tail rotor assembly with double bearings and heavy duty tail with thrust bearings) Focus Shot5(Super wear-resistance, high rigidity and Special surface treatment slide bush of tail rotor shaft) Focus Shot6(2mm Carbon fiber frames, 2.5mm Carbon Bottom Plate and Fuel tank 630cc)
Focus Shot7(Special H type mounting tray) Focus Shot8(New Tail rudder rod system) Focus Shot9(Rear Frame brace)
Focus Shot10(Switch mount) Focus Shot11(RCE-G600 Governor) Focus Shot12(Painted fiberglass canopy)
Overall packing:
Instructions: Specification:
1.Simple and light weight design provides awesome flight performance.
2.+-13°collective pitch is possible for extreme 3D performance.
3.Heavy duty tail with thrust bearings.
4.Clutch, Fan and Bell assembly provide a very smooth operation even at high RPM.
5.Forward mounted tail servo helps to keep exhaust oil from entering servo also improves the CG.
6.Battery tray designed for easy and clean radio gear installation.
7.Fuel Tank Capacity 630cc.
8.Heavy duty tail with thrust bearings.
9.Torque Tube driven tail for incredible 90 sized performance.
10.Rigid frame design that can also handle hard crashes without damage.
11.Super engine cooling system very efficient airflow to provide unequaled cooling and horsepower.
12.New main gear with one-way bearing design for high torque.
13.Ready to fly weight (no fuel) is an incredible 4.2Kg.
●Main Blade Length:690~710mm
●Main Rotor Diameter:1562~1602mm
●Tail Rotor Diameter:281mm
●Engine Pinion Gear:20T
●Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:150T
●Drive Gear Ratio:8.2:1:4.54(E:M:T)
●Fuel Tank Capacity:630cc.
●Weight(Without Power System):Approx. 3200g
●Color carton:84.7x24.4x12cm
●Outer carton:86x50x37.5cm ,6sets/ctn
●T-REX 700 Nitro CF Kits SetX1 set
●Painted fiberglass canopyX1
●3K Carbon PaddleX1 set
●3K Carbon tail bladeX1 set
●3K Carbon tail boomX1
●Aluminum Tail boomX1
●Feul tubeX1
●3-Way fuel filterX1
●New Fuel tube clip(A)X1
●New Fuel tube clip(B)X1
●Rear Frame brace X2
●Switch mount X1
●RCE-G600 GovernorX1
●Repair towel X1

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
●Transmitter(7-channel or more, helicopter system)
●Receiver(7-channel or more)
●Standard servoX4
●Head lock gyroX1
●Specialized servoX1
●Pitch gaugeX1
●Engine starter/Starter shaftX1
●11.1~14.8V Li-Po 2500mAh starter batteryX1
●Fuel pumpX1
●Engine fuelX1
●2 IN 1 Voltabe regulator comboX1
●91 EngineX1
●690~710 BladeX1
●90 MufflerX1


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