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Focus Shot1(High precision main rotor assembly) Focus Shot2(Tail rotor assembly with double bearings) Focus Shot3(New-sturdy lightweight main frame)
Focus Shot4(Standard landing skid and 3D landing skid) Focus Shot5(Fiberglass canopy) Focus Shot6(Sticker)
Focus Shot7(600L Brushless motor) Focus Shot8(RCE-BL75G Electronic speed controller) Focus Shot9(REC-B3X External BEC)
Focus Shot10(Li-Polymer 7.4V 1100mAh 9C)
Instructions: Specification:

【CF Frame Combo Version】

1.Electric Power System
2.Carbon Fiber Frame
3.Pre-Painted Fiberglass Canopy
4.Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
5.Triple-Bearing Block Main Shaft Support
6.Fully Driven Tail Auto Rotation System
7.Tail Rotor Drive Belt System
8.Push-Pull Control Linkage
9.Rear Tail Servo Mount
10.10mm Hollow Main Shaft, 8mm Spindle

●Length:1200mm(47.25 in)
●Height:388/405mm(15.25 in/16 in)
●Main Blade Length:600mm
●Main Rotor Diameter:1350mm(53.15 in)
●Tail Rotor:240mm(9.45 in)
●Motor Drive Gear:10T(11T optional)
●Main Drive Gear:170T
●Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:180T
●Tail Drive Gear:40T
●Drive Gear Ratio:1:17.0:4.5/1:15.45:4.5
●Weight(w/o main blade):1340g
●Flying Weight:Approx 3000g(6.6 lbs) Accessories: ●T-REX 600(CF) Kits SetX1 set(w/o main blade)
●Fiberglass CanopyX1
●Standard Landing SkidX1
●3D Landing SkidX1
●RCM-BL75G 75A Brushless ESC(Govener Mode)X1
●600L Brushless motorX1
●REC-B3X External BECX1
●5.1V Step-Down Voltage RegulatorX1
●Li-Polymer 7.4V 1100mAh 9C For BECX1

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